About Our Story

I’ve had a passion and interest in decorative arts and object design for many years. This includes intersecting interests in mid century design, popular culture and kitsch. My favourite places of discovery are op shops and roadside finds – unassuming places with discarded, unvalued and unwanted objects. Some pieces have been in my possession for decades, always with the vision in mind to reawaken the potential and the beauty that I see in them. I get excited by old and vintage furniture, by the history contained in each piece, the quality that it represents, and the potential to take these pieces into the future in a new and reimagined way.


I trained and made a living as a potter for many years. I value hand made objects that reflect a school of practice, and skill. I love the handcrafted marks of the maker that are still alive in the work. I have seen the transition that society has made from a love of the handmade to a love for convenience and the cheap, mass produced items. Many old items contain the history of the time, the maker, and skills lost. There is so much potential, value and quality to bring back to life in the discarded items from the past.

Upcycle Emporium reflects at times a deep nostalgia for Australian made and manufactured furniture made in a time when each object held more value. People did not own a huge amount of stuff. Things were expensive in comparison to now, where it is cheap, easy to get and easy to throw away. They were expensive because they were made well, lasted for a long time and were repaired when broken. These industries supported local jobs and the development of technical and artistic skills.

Upcycle Emporium represents a place and an experience where there is a feel good alternative experience of consumption. It invites you to question the obsession with replacing the old with the new. To replace your contribution to landfill with an investment in upcycled recycled furniture. The stories and styles of the past have something to say and express about us today in an exuberant, humorous and culturally nostalgic ways.

Experience pleasure in the beauty of handcrafted objects, and the fun of nostalgic kitsch and cultural references. Enjoy the investment in objects that are unique, that are expressions of your own personality, and that will last for years to come.

Upcycle Emporium is a place that you can check into regularly to see something new. Each upcycled item is unique. Nothing is the same. The unique way in which each item is upcycled is never repeated, even as the history is respected, included and preserved.

And finally, as you browse and shop, please bear in mind that there is no attempt to make any of the items new again. I hope that you will enjoy them with the nicks and scratches which contribute to their character and speak of their previous history.